A bit about Deborah.

Born in sunny Coventry where she drank rum and blacks in the same pub as the Specials, Deborah went on to graduate from Keele University with a BA in History and American Studies.

Her career kicked off at Haymarket Publishing, where she worked on Management Today magazine, before she set her formidable sights on the PR industry. This started at Paragon Communications and continued at Consolidated Communications, where she specialised in consumer clients, particularly from the entertainment and retail sectors. She’d soon climbed the greasy pole to account director, before taking a break to have a family. And then, of course, totalcontent beckoned…

Casting a critical eye over this photo of how she looked when she first met Jim, Deborah realises why he wasn’t immediately smitten. She traded in the big hair for a sleek bob soon aferwards, and hasn’t changed it since.