Here are some we did earlier. This represents only a small fragment of the totalcontent portfolio, but gives you the chance to see us in full flow. Please be patient as some of these PDF files are quite large and may take a while to download. Enjoy.

Uusi #1 - Brand Showcase Issue

The first-ever edition of Uusi, the Nokia brand magazine, published in March 2011. It was aimed at Nokia marketing people and external agencies to provide an overview of the many brand projects that were going on. Edited by Richard Crabb, designed by DesignStudio, with all writing and editorial production by totalcontent.

Uusi #2 - The People Issue

The second instalment of Uusi magazine. Once again, all writing and production by totalcontent.

Uusi #3 - The Adventure Issue

The third issue of Ussi magazine, a manifestation of Nokia's new, adventurous brand direction. Along with the first two, this was shortlisted for a Design Week Award in 2012.


Uusi #4 - The Craft Issue

The final instalment... featuring a limited-edition hand-letterpressed cover by the celebrated Alan Kitching.


Welcome to the Olympic Games

A commemorative stamp presentation pack for Royal Mail, written by Jim and designed by hat-trick.

Jim_Welcome Olympics PP 2.jpg

totalcontent monkey posters.

Our award-winning self-promotional posters. Still plenty left if you want some.


national gallery grand tour plaques.

A selection of plaques that appeared alongside reproductions of Old Masters placed on the streets of London. This was my contribution to the Partner's Grand Tour, an initiative that won a Black Pencil at the 2008 D&AD Awards.


cubic’s guide to branding and design.

a small, charmingly illustrated book outlining the Nottingham-based consultancy’s ideas and approach.


totalcontent credentials.

A somewhat out-of-date selection of case studies from the vaults. A revamp is in the planning stages.


bedell group annual review 2007.

The title says it all. Bedell Group are Jersey based lawyers and offshore financial experts.


american airlines ads

Tactical ads for American Airlines announcing new non-stop flights from Manchester to Miami.


orange call centres.

The first incarnation of ‘The Pickles’, a typical family throwing up typical problems for Orange call centre personnel. Drawings by Rob Ball of the Partners.


oskar annual report.

The Oskar (Now Vodafone Czech Republic) annual report won ‘Best Private Sector Annual Report’ at the 2006 Communicators in Business Awards.


yellow book.

An extended essay on urban pedestrian wayfinding principles in general, and AIG’s award-winning ‘Legible London’ system in particular.


waterstone’s Christmas.

A series of punny in-store tabletop posters for different book genres, all given a Christmassy twist.


a to b of wayfinding.

A printed and downloadable piece on wayfinding for Inside Information, the information design specialists.

Jim_a to b of wayfinding.pdf

lta annual report 2003.

The Lawn Tennis Association annual report for 2003.